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 Bombs against Tom

Tom acted very bad and has stolen Jerry's yogurt. Jerry is very angry. He wants very much to revenge and has nice plan for punishing Tom. You are assisting Jerry to place bombs in a special order that Tom fell down after explosion. Tom tries to hide into shelter but you have enough bombs to demolish this asylum. But pay attention the quantity bombs are limited, need to place bombs wisely. You need to careful with Jerry, don't let him fall away.

You are using mouse for placing the bombs. You are pressing SPACEBAR for igniting and exploding bombs.

 Tom and Jerry funny bombers

Choose the type of game and level. If you select single game you will to destroy as soon as possible Tom and his friends at each level. You install bombs arrange for them traps. For two players there is choice: team game or opposition. Jerry with a red friend will crush Tom and all other cats. Or Jerry will combat against a red little mouse. Any case he needs stay alive for victory.

For Jerry's movement press the buttons with letters: S, A, W, D. Press SPACEBAR for installation of bomb. For red little mouse's movement click of arrows keys, press the button 0 (zero) for bomb installation.